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Trouble shooting, repair and Maintenance of all kind of Automation & Instrumentation works for Marine and Industrial system application include hydraulic and pneumatic. (Level, Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Speed & Inclination).
Design, supply, install and commissioning of Automatic load sharing device for Emergency or St.By D/G during Mains Failure.
Power Management System PMS (Analogue / Digital)
Full solution of D/G sets with respect to operation & function: - Monitoring, Alarm, Safety, Protection (Local / Remote). - Fuel-Oil, Cooling and Exhaust System with associated gears for prime mover plus the driving load.
Diesel Engines (local / remote) Monitoring, Alarm and Maneuvering control Panel include Safety shut down system.
Engine Telegraphs, Tachometers and Torsion meters  
Propulsion & Maneuvering Controls Auto Pilot/ Stern Gears.  
Tank Level and Draft Gauging System,  
Oily Water Separators PPM Monitoring System  
Ingress of Water Alarm system for Dry Bulk Carrier,  
Ballast Water Treatment System,  
Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment ODME,  
Anti-Heeling Controller  
Vapor Emission Control System,  
DeNox SCR System  
Dynamic Positioning System (DP1 & DP2)  
Deck Machinery, mooring system and Cranes  
Navigation Light Panel  
Port Cargo Gear Handling Equipment RTG and Cont. Crane  
MCC Motor control cubicles, Thermistor controlled Windings  
VFD / Soft starter Panels with PLC  
Manufacturing Process Controls by PLC  
Emergency call attendance 24/7  
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